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Diva Cruises is the company name under which Cherilyn J. Lee (aka The Traveling Ballerina) promotes travel by cruise ship. Cherilyn is an independent travel counselor of Travel Planners International. She loves exploring the reaches of the world and especially loves traveling by sea; thus her specialization in cruise travel. 



As of January 2017, Cherilyn has sailed 11 cruises, embracing the unique experience each ship and itinerary has provided. By ship, she has traveled the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the North Atlantic. She has 2 more reserved for 2017.

Cherilyn is currently Regional Editor of the Americas for CruceroAdicto.com and also writes about her travel experiences on TheTravelingBallerina.com.

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Cruise travel not only entails the journey aboard the ship; the other components include 1) transport to and from the embarkation and disembarkation port cities, 2) a pre- or post- cruise stay at the embarkation and/or disembarkation port cities, 3) transfers to the cruise port from the airport (if flying), 4) shore excursions at ports of call, and 5) special experiences aboard such as spa treatments and luxurious dining. 



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