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Diva Cruises Referral Program
Give 10 Get 10
  • Upon joining, you will receive a unique referral code assigned to you. Share it with your friends!
  • Your friends receive $10 off their first booking with Diva Cruises.
  • For each friend that completes travel booked with Diva Cruises, you earn $10 credit toward your future booking with Diva Cruises.
How do I use my credit?
  • Credit can be applied in $10 dollar increments not exceeding the balance currently in your account. For example, if you have $80 credit in your account and would like to apply $70 to your next reservation, your balance would be $10.
  • Credit never expires and may be used immediately upon earning it.
How can I see how much credit I've earned?

Check out the Travelers Race page by clicking HERE to see your current balance as well as how you compare with other travelers who have joined the program.

Of course, if you have any questions about where your account stands, please write to me at

I referred friends before joining the program; can I still earn credit?

Of course! (assuming your friend has completed his/her travel) Use the form on the right to join now and I will update your account accordingly.

What if my friend cancels his/her trip?

Credit is earned upon your friend completing travel; so if the trip never occurs, the credit is not earned.

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